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Places of Welcome - Celebration

September 11, 2019

It was such a privilege to host this event to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers who work so hard to make their church or organisation a warm and welcoming place for everyone who comes through the door.

We have 30 Places of Welcome across the Diocese at present, 14 of which attended the celebration at the Cathedral in September. Over 50 guests enjoyed refreshments and the opportunity to encourage, learn from and share with each other. John Pemberton who helps at the Place of Welcome at United Church Hyde spoke about his experience of volunteering. It was lovely to hear how he benefitted from his experience.

Guests were also asked to discuss with each other what worked well in their Place of Welcome and what they would do differently. The responses were summarized and sent out after the event and TLT were able to assess what specific support we can give.

All our guests were presented with a wooden plaque by Archdeacon Mike to display in their church or building.

For more information about Places of Welcome please see here

Cash Smart - Credit Savvy

August 12, 2018

Transforming Lives Together and Chester Diocese Social Responsibility collaborated with Just Finance Liverpool to offer training to volunteers who participated in a ‘training the trainers’ event designed to help them deliver the programme to people who may be struggling with financial management and budgeting. The training was taken up by 21 people in total and it is hoped that further opportunities will be on offer across the Diocese in the near future.

Filling the Gap Heroes

June 24, 2018

This was a small event designed specifically to celebrate the work of the volunteers who help to make Filling the Gap such a great success.  The Bishop of Stockport was our guest speaker and she awarded plaques to those churches who took part.  We think it is vital that we affirm, celebrate and thank those heroes who put in so much time and effort.

Faith & Dementia Conference

March 07, 2018

Faith and Dementia Conference(March 2018) was a joint event with The Alzheimer’s Society and was designed for people of all faiths in the Borough of Tameside.  It was a successful event, bringing together 78 people from a total of 22 faith communities who listened to speakers and took part in discussions designed to address questions about how we can help to make our communities more dementia friendly.  There was a lot of participation by people living with dementia and the feedback has been very encouraging.  Especially from those faith communities who have made changes as a result of what they heard.

Loneliness & Isolation Conference

November 28, 2017

Loneliness and Isolation was a day conference organised by the Chester Diocese Board of Social Responsibility.  TLT facilitated discussions and provided a short presentation about Places of welcome.

Filling the GAP

September 24, 2017

On Tuesday, 25th April, Transforming Lives Together ran an event at Church House, Daresbury entitled ‘Filling the Gap’.

Attended by 24 enthusiastic people from all over the Chester Diocese who wanted to share and learn about how to provide holiday fun and food to children in their area.

Spaces of Hope

June 06, 2017

TLT will exhibited in the market place at Chester Cathedral and facilited discussions

​This is the third Curating Spaces of Hope Symposium to take place across Chester Diocese. The Curating Spaces of Hope series is drawing on the strengths of networks and institutions from across our communities, towns and cities to facilitate connectivity, build relationships and share a vision of hope for the future.

Connecting our Churches and Communities

April 24, 2017

The aim of this event was to bring together denominational leaders and leaders of independent churches to give them an opportunity to:

  • Discuss how churches can work together in a more cohesive way in Wirral

  • Share, encourage and network with each other

  • Think about how churches can engage effectively with local asset based social action initiatives

  • Hear about the move from Life Expectancy Wirral to Transforming Lives Together

Filling the GAP

April 24, 2017

On Tuesday, 25th April, Transforming Lives Together ran an event at Church House, Daresbury entitled ‘Filling the Gap’.

Attended by 24 enthusiastic people from all over the Chester Diocese who wanted to share and learn about how to provide holiday fun and food to children in their area.

Beyond the Food Parcel

March 17, 2017

Beyond the Food Parcel are two events run by the Committee for Social Responsibility in Chester Diocese and TLT. They were designed to bring stakeholders together with representatives of statutory sector, politicians and voluntary sector. The first one, for the Archdeaconry of Macclesfield was in Wilmslow on 3rd February and the one for Archdeaconry of Chester was on 17th March.

Financial Wellbeing in Stockport

January 19, 2017

January 2017 saw us partnering with Stockport Credit Union to present an event which was designed to raise awareness of the issues of fairer finance in our communities. Our guest speaker was Julia Webster, Just Finance Officer, Diocese of Liverpool.

Runcorn Deanery Marketplace

October 11, 2016

In November the churches of Runcorn came together to share how they were connecting with their communities and to hear how their social action ministries are making a difference.

Mottram Deanery Marketplace

July 05, 2016

In July 2016 over 75 people from churches all over Mottram Deanery came together to share their social action ministries

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