How to become a TLT Church/Organisation

Transforming Lives Together is a joint venture between the Church Urban Fund and the Diocese of Chester. We aim to tackle poverty by supporting churches in developing and delivering initiatives which can help to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities both physically and spiritually.


As part of this transformation we would like to invite churches/organisations to become members of this movement and to embrace the idea of being part of a thriving, flourishing community. We hope to encourage groups to seek accreditation and to celebrate their identity as a place where everyone is valued and everyone has a part to play.

As part of being a Transforming Lives Together organisation you will:

  • Become part of a group of churches and other organisations who are keen to make a difference in lives and communities

  • Be given the right to use our logo with the banner…."This is a Transforming Lives Together Church/Organisation" on all stationery, website, social media etc.

  • Become a prayer partner with us and receive our bi-monthly newsletter

  • and the opportunity to ask our network for prayer

  • Be able to invite a speaker from TLT to come to speak to your church/community, either at a service or at a meeting to explain our work

  • Help to identify new opportunities such as Places of Welcome or Filling the Gap or other community engagement initiatives

  • Be given support to host a TLT event in your area

In order to qualify your church will need to demonstrate:

  • A commitment to Asset Based Community Development

  • A gospel heart for social action

  • A willingness to contribute to a growing number of churches who, with Jesus at the centre, wish to help their communities to grow and transform both spiritually, economically and relationally

  • Prayerful consideration of donating to TLT in order to help to continue the movement of change across the diocese



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