Sites you may find useful for Social Action

Redeeming Our Communities

People of goodwill working together for safer, kinder communities.

Christians Against Poverty

A Christian debt counselling charity which can partner with churches in helping to run courses, job clubs and debt counselling

Places of Welcome

A national network of hospitality aiming to reduce social isolation and loneliness. Churches can become registered to run a PoW.

Trussell Trust

A national charity which partners with local organisations to run food banks

Curating Spaces of Hope

A movement which aims to create a faith network whose aims are to reduce social isolation and improve mental health and well being


A charity in Macclesfield which models community and helps to provide for young people through social and employment opportunities.

Nurture Development

An organisation which helps organisations to understand and develop an Asset Based Community Development approach.  A good resource for understanding the ABCD approach taken by TLT.


A partner with Chester Diocese in the Joint Venture that is TLT.  CUF website has a ‘poverty look up tool’ that can be helpful in understanding your parish and its economic status. Other Joint Ventures can also be viewed here

Chester Diocese

The website of the Anglican Diocese of Chester.  One of the partners in the Joint Venture that is TLT. Lots of information about the work of the C of E in our area

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