Financial Well-being in Stockport

On 19th January 2017, we partnered with Stockport Credit Union to present an event, "Financial Wellbeing in Stockport". We were pleased to have Julia Webster, Just Finance Officer from the Diocese of Liverpool as our guest speaker. Julia inspired those people attending to look at the ways in which people can be driven into the clutches of loan sharks and high interest lenders and how churches might be instrumental in empowering their communities to offer an alternative.

The event was well attended by representatives from churches in the Stockport area and from the Local Authority. We heard, from Julie Abbott how the Stockport Credit Union is growing and how it is enabling people to save and to borrow at reasonable rates. It is important to emphasise the fact that Credit Unions are not just a “Poor Man’s Bank” and that many employers in the area have signed up to create a pay day Saving scheme for their employees.

We were delighted that Bishop Libby agreed to sign up as a member of the Credit Union  as she is committed to the aims of the church being at the centre of creating a fairer financial system.

We would love to work with other Credit Unions around the Diocese and also help churches to address the needs of their community by promoting financial education.