To qualify as a Transforming Lives Organisation

you will need to demonstrate the following:

A commitment to Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)




Asset based approaches recognise and build upon the strengths and blessings which already exist within a community. Acknowledging the assets of everyone and building upon what is valued most ensures that everyone feels included and treasured in a way that Jesus taught.

A church or organisation that ascribes to ABCD will be recognised by their effort to include everyone and to help individuals to find their own role and place in that organisation. Identifying and building upon a person’s gifts, aspirations and ideas takes time and effort but results in a community that values everyone and where each person plays a part.

Mapping assets (people, places, resources) and recognising skills, time and experience, whilst continuously looking to how those assets can be developed is a mechanism but can be made real through conversations, story collecting and telling, and ensuring that people aren’t seen as either ‘servers or consumers’ but as both.

We would love to see churches and other interested organisations celebrate their commitment to ABCD in their own creative ways. We will publicise these celebrations and demonstrations as a way to encourage others to follow this path and create a movement across the diocese.


A Gospel heart for social action



A church or organisation that holds the Gospel at its very heart will always have an imperative to bring ‘the Good News’ to everyone that they encounter. They will see the ‘real need’ in people as the necessity to come to faith. However, that very act should never get in the way of showing God’s love and concern for the ‘felt need’ of people who are hurting and suffering.

We would like to see a Transforming Lives Church/Organisation show a concern for their community through practical help and inclusion that doesn’t shy away from conversations that lead to Christ but rather equips its people to have those conversations whilst offering the relief that their community needs.


A willingness to contribute to a growing number of churches/organisations who, with Jesus at the centre, wish to help their communities to grow and transform both spiritually, economically and relationally.




We would like to see churches grow in partnership with others, both of their own denomination and others to build projects and ministries that make an impact in the communities they serve together.

Prayerful consideration of donating to TLT in order to help to continue the movement of change across the diocese.



TLT is a joint venture between the Diocese of Chester and the Church Urban Fund. In the early days, it was mainly funded by CUF but that financial support will begin to reduce over time, mainly to enable CUF to work with more diocese across the country. This means that TLT will need to generate income in order to continue to work in the area.

We would like to see churches/organisations who wish to be recognised as being Transforming Lives Together Churches/Organisations to show a commitment to pray for us and to pray about any proportion of their sacrificial giving which they could make to our work. Recognising as we do that the Widow’s Mite is more valuable than a lottery win we are not suggesting or demanding a sum but rather leaving it to the people we serve to decide.